Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby #2 will be here on July 15th!

So I don't believe I posted it in the blog but we will become a family of four on July 15th. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and slowly emmerging from the depths of first trimester hell. I've been sick, sleepy, nauseous, swollen, constipated, attacked with back to back migraines and all this with a 17 month old that has more energy than a substation! I'm still sick and have my up days and DOWN days but atleast now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I am still in denial at times and definately not in "oh my god we're having a baby" overload like with Julia but then again I have her to focus on daily along with life. I hated my job when I was pregnant with her and just thinking about her and preparing for Julia was my sweet escape:-) Now I don't want to escape my life so I'm not in new baby overload. I think at this point with Julia I atleast has the nursery cleaned out....not now. It is still guest bedroom/junk room. I'll get to it. I  want things to be simpler in preparation for this one. I'm not painting the walls (already a light taupe in color) and just going with a neutral color scheme. Julia's furniture will go into it and we will buy her white big girl furniture...guess I do need to get onto that - add that to my list. (I hate when I see a commercial for food and immediately crave it..especially today when it's freezing outside and I have no desire to go anywhere or give up my night off to send Jarred). I am starting to get excited and excited to give Julia a playmate. I'm nervous as to how she will react but I just know in a couple years she will love having a playmate and in 10 years she will have a friend to share secrets with and to adventure with on family vacations and in 15 years she will have a best friend to confide in when those teenage years get tough.

Okay enough. I will update later with belly pics and an ultrasound pic. Tons to do on the internet with my night off!

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Erika said...

So excited for you guys. The second pregnancy definitely goes by faster than the first. Shey's just flew by. This one was moving along for a while, but I have a feeling it's about to slow down again as I get more and more uncomfortable. :)